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Ashpaw grinned. "Alright." he mewed, flicking his tail as he stretched, realizing how hungry he was.

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Brackenpool flicked his ear then went ove to the fresh-kill pile and he chose to fish then headed back to Ashpaw. He tossed one to Ashpaw, then settled down to eat. He raised his eyes. "Next time, you're fetching the prey." he snorted. 

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Ashpaw rolled his eyes grinning. "I don't know..." he mewed, picking up his prey. "You might be needing that excercise, Brackenpool." he mewed, poking his mentor's belly before dancing out of swipe range. He settled down, purring, to eat his fish.

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Silverstar looked around once more. Soon she'd need to find a deputy...

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