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[b]Four Clans,[/b] struggling to [color=red]survive[/color] with one another;

[color=orange]Fighting[/color] to stay [color=green]alive[/color], [b]brother[/b] versus [b]brother[/b]

Four Elements, [color=yellow]Thunder, [/color] [b]Shadow[/b], [color=green]Wind[/color], and [color=blue]River[/color];

Their ancestors, not only [b]takers[/b], but also [i]givers[/i]

Will they [color=purple]flourish[/color] to their prime?

Or will they be [color=red]forgotten[/color] in time?

[url=http://thefourclansofthelake.webs.com]Who will you support? Choose your Destiny! [/url]

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