Role-Playing Rules

  •  This is probably the MOST important!! PLAY REALISTICALLY!!!! I can not stress this enough! If someone doesn't think that what you're doing is realistic, then change it. If there is any arguing, I'll be the final judge.

  • This is an ADVANCED RP site. Which means like this:

Correct: Hailstar woke up, the early morning sun streaming in through the lichen hanging at the entrance of her den. Standing up, her jaws gaped in a large yawn, followed by a shake of her head. Stretching, she gave her pelt a quick groom before exiting her den. Spotting her deputy Eaglefeather, she called him over. "Eaglefeather, start sending out the Dawn Patrol and a hunting patrol, please." she mewed to him.

                     See? Detailed, evertyhing is spelt correctly, and it's like a book. That's how we want it, folks! Don't do this:

 Incorrect: Hailstar wok up and waked outsid. "Hiya Eglefether, what's up homy!?" 
*Hailstar walked outside* Hi Eaglefeather! *she said* 
Hailstar woke up. I walked outside, after grooming my pelt. (NO! Write in 3rd person!)
Halstar wakes up as the early morning sun streams through the entrance of her den. She stands up, her jaws open widely in a yawn, and she gives her head a shake. She walks over to her deputy. "Good morning Eaglefeather." she meows. (Write in past-tense, not present-tense)

  • No Powerplaying/God Modding/Ect.

  •  Warriors are NOT perfect! They will get sick/hurt/make mistakes!

  • Please, let's keep this realistic to the books! Ask the deputy before you go on a patrol/Only medicine cats know herbs. Warriors know ONLY cobwebs!

  •  Only "Warrior Swears". ie: Mousedung, Foxdung

Joining Rules

  • Join in Paragraph form! Please, at least 10 complete, full sentances!

         By complete and full, we mean: 

              Hailstar is a small framed she-cat with soft, short silvery fur that seemingly glows in the moonlight. ( ONE sentance)


              Hailstar is small. She has short fur. Her fur is silver. ( ZERO sentances // NOT three )

              No. Those will not count be counted AT ALL in your join, as it's pretty much cheating the 10 sentances rule...

               It really isn't that hard to have a full, well-informational description about your character. It could go something like this.

2-3 Sentences - Description
2-3 Sentences - Personality
1-2 Sentences - What they like to do / Opinions / Ect.
4-5 Sentences - History
1 Sentence - Age / Rank / Clan or Rogue 

  • Absolutely no weird colored cats, special powers, or abnormal names! That means no aqua furred cats with purple eyes named Reapertalon that can shoot laser beams from his eyes! Got it? If you're not sure if your name is eligible, check out the News section and under December, there will be a list of names that are not allowed.

  • If you don't put a picture, we'll find one for you.

  •  Make sure to include Rank, Description, Personality, AGE, HISTORY

  • Age is mandatory! Put your age in moons!

  • Your character must be accepted before RPing. 

Age Chart

Kits: 0-6 moons

Apprentices: 6-12 moons old

Queens: 18-60 moons old

Warriors: 12-100 moons old

Leaders: 20 moons old

Elders: 100 - 125 moons old

Medicine Cats: 20 moons old

Romance Rules

  •  Get to know the character in RP before becoming friends/crushing/love/mates or dislike/enemies/nemesis

  •  Feel free to create as much love drama as you want! But you must ask permission for cross-clan | forbidden relationships.

  • You and your mate are having kits? It's a miracle! You want to know what else is a miracle? How they magically showed up in the mother's tummy!!


Everyone, please, try to check the site daily. It isn't too hard and only takes a little bit. If you're going to be away, just let us know so we don't mark you as inactive.

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